Link Line Up

Happy almost New Year!  I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of wrapping up my current job, seeing my little sister graduate college, and tons of quality time with my family at home – soaking up the SoCal sun & having my parents feed me silly.

But anywho, here’s a long overdue roundup of stuff from the internet to end 2013 with ❤

i could never figure out the effortless scarf –> turban origami, but this explained it so well! Can’t wait to give it a try.

This ranking of turtlenecks in Love Actually may be a couple days overdue… but oh well, I watch that movie year-round.

Amazing, creative and perfectly weird.

Along a similar wavelength… how awesome are these parents?

Some silly, smiley, everyday observations.

This OKCupid date is pretty out there! Sounds amazing though.  If you can find someone out there who’s adventure palate matches yours, shouldn’t that mean something though?

A centenarian (!!!) gives her advice to young women:

What advice do you have on how to live a full life?

Just keep going.

Have lots of people in the house and lots of different kinds of people – young, old, black, white, people from all over the world. People have always energized me.

This is pretty well-phrased and eye-opening.

A good reminder to ourselves, especially with the new year and resolution-pressures around the corner.

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