Start with Frida

When I am stuck in a rut it is usually because I have artistic juices pent up somewhere that need to flow. Artistic in the sense that Seth Godin uses the term – creative, entrepreneurial, color outside of the lines and create value outside of the box you’ve been given.


via @pinterest

When this happens it’s helpful to start with Frida. A few reasons why:

  • She is fierceeeee. The OG kween and #girlboss. This is inspiring.
  • Not only did she overcome personal accidents and defeats, she did it with fervor, passion and did not let it hinder her from opening up and embracing life all over again.
    Messy, unforgiving Life.
  • Colors. Her paintings. Photos of her and Casa Azul. These are cock-full of vibrant, blazing colors.

    For me personally, color is the most creative force – it can inspire me and move me, the way I suspect music or poetry does for other people. Just colors, in any shape or medium, no form necessary. Working with bright, bold colors is helpful of course when I am looking for traditional artistic forces, but is even a catalyst when I work on writing, marketing ideas, connecting with people.


These past few weeks have been interesting for me. My natural vata tendencies are to move with the wind, but my world has been telling me to stay put. To embrace the stillness and uncertainty, instead of running for the sake of running.


When the world around you spins slower, it is time to turn inwards and look for ways to stroke your passions and kindle new fires.



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