A New York Reunion

I just got back from a last minute work/personal trip back to my beloved city… and could not have timed it better. Temperatures were inching up, restaurants were seating people outside and the entire city was buzzing with that special first weekend of Spring energy.

phyllthis NYC graffiti street art hearts jgoldcrown

The new mural on Kenmare & Mott – James Goldcrown’s Bleeding Hearts

I caught up with old friends in our favorite haunts, hung out with new ones, and had a productive 3 days at work. It was everything I needed to rekindle my love for this city…. New York, you’ve still got it. See you again soon I’m sure.

phyllthis NYC skyline sunset

rooftop views from East Williamsburg… this sunset never gets old



The Farewell NYC Bucket List

By the time I decided I was going to move out of New York and had set a farewell date, I only had a couple weeks to book a flight, pack, turn over my apartment lease, and most important do everything I’ve always wanted to do in NYC. Obviously failed at that last one since my list has always been growing faster than I could ever check things off it… but I could try…


1) One of my favorite things about the city is how easy it is to access amazing, cheap, live music, especially in the summertime. Parks & venues are inundated with musical talent -both large names & up-and-comers. Some of the best free events in the summer include the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series at Prospect Park and various free, sponsored pop-up concerts (Chromeo for Made in America, Haim & Sleigh Bells for Levi’s come to mind).

Tip: Central Park hosts a series of Summerstage concerts throughout the warmer months -tickets are usually $20-40 each, but there is always a healthy crowd hanging out on the rocks right outside Rumsey Playfield.  You can catch the entire show (audios only, but that’s 80% of a show anyways) while picnicking out on the grass.  There’s even the margarita man who walks around with his ice chest selling margaritas & tall boys.  I caught both the Blood Orange and Gary Clark Jr. shows like this before I left.  It is by far the cheapest, chillest way to attend a concert.


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Art Binging in the City

With my face-brace (that’s what I’m calling it these days) on for the past month, I’ve been sort of out of commission for all fun things.  Drinking & partying really isn’t feasible, going out to eat with people would just be a cruel joke, and exercising would be way too much on my body right now. Previously, those 3 probably took up 90% of my free time & since I’m not the type to sit around & rot in front of the TV (I didn’t even have cable until college!), I’ve been on the hunt for other activities.

I kicked off an NYC Tour de Art lately – capitalizing on the city’s plethora of museums, galleries & exhibits.  Here are some of my recent favorites.

photo 3-3

Tara Donovan at the Pace Gallery: These installations were constructed from thousands of index cards & acrylic rods, respectively. Her sculptures take on an entirely different quality when you view them up close vs. as a whole.  It’s almost like she is replicating nature, and the way things grow, as she builds these gigantic installations.  Her exhibit at the Pace Gallery in Chelsea is closed now, but her work is still on view at the Pace in Menlo Park, CAphoto 2-3 Continue reading

Arthur is a Party Pooper: Celebrating the 5th of July

The 4th of July conveniently fell on a Friday this year, making for grand long weekend plans logistically much easier.  Inconveniently however, the entire East side of the States ended up getting hit by Hurricane Arthur -the quickest & most surefire way to dampen a summer party.  Luckily, us in the Northeast weren’t hit that badly… mostly just a few nights of thunderstorms and pouring rain.


So instead of trying to force the celebrations we decided, the 4th is just a day, and America will still be around 🙂  A lot of major cities decided to do the same thing – postponing or moving up firework shows.

I was down in Margate City, on the Jersey Shore – just a couple miles south of Atlantic City and about 2 hours away from NYC.  It was perfectly lazy and relaxed couple of days, just what I needed.  We watched fireworks from the front lines on Saturday night (July 5th), played tons of Cards Against Humanity, ate ice cream too many times, and tore through this AMAZING book.


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