Christmastime in the City

I ❤ New York.
Especially during the holidays -everything is busier, warmer and more magical.  Even though we tend to hectically cram everything into limited after-hours, I always try to make time for some of my favorites each year.
Brooklyn Night Bazaar – This is the second year the BK Night Bazaar has been up during the holidays.  During the weekends leading up to Christmas, a warehouse in Brooklyn is transformed into a part-market, part-food-truck-expo, part-dancefloor.  Rows of local merchants set up shop, selling everything from vintage finds, to handcrafted jewelry, to book clocks and succulent plants.  Food trucks encircle a little picnic area, and a band/ DJ plays nearby on the dance floor.  This year the set-up was complete with a ping-pong room & black-light mini golf!
Zum Schneider – This cozy German Beer Hall serves traditional brats and pretzels, as well as a huge range of steins, in humongous beer mugs -seriously, I need two hands to drink them!  During the holidays this place gets decked out with a Christmas tree, live band and German carol choir books.  It becomes a crowded ruckus of beers and cheery strangers chanting along to “Beer Under the Christmas Tree” & “O Christmas Tree” in German.
Union Square Holiday Market – rows and rows of local, homemade and unique vendors circle around the Union Square subway station, peddling everything from homemade housewares, vintage jewelry, imported foods and crafty stocking stuffers.  You can so easily get stuck browsing the shops for hours (unless it’s freezing out!).  The market is also speckled with famous, New York food trucks so you can pick up fried & stuffed cheese balls from Arancini Brothers, tacos from Calexico or gourmet hot dogs from Asia Dog.

And of course, the Christmas Classics:
Tree Lighting and Ice Skating at Tompkins Square Park, Bryant Park, Central Park, McCarren Park.  What Christmas is complete without a magnificent outdoor tree and tourists & locals alike, skating circles around the bottom?  I live in the East Village, right by Tompkins Park, and have been loving my walk home lately… seeing the twinkling lights amidst freshly fallen snow.
Happy Holidays!

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