abc Berlin Art Week

In a last minute decision to get my mind off of heavier things, I flocked with the rest of trendy Berlin to the closing day of Berlin Art Week at abc – Art Contemporary Berlin last weekend.

phyllthis abc art berlin contemporary

50+ artists and galleries showcased their works in the open event space, Station. I’ve barely scratched the surface of Berlin’s copious art galleries, so I’m not super familiar with these guys yet. The artists represented were mostly German, some from the Netherlands or Eastern Europe.

Some of my favorites…

abc Berlin Contemporary Art - Michael Wutz - phyllthisThis wall of anatomical-trippy colored sketches by Michael Wutz, a Bavarian artist.

phyllthis abc art berlin contemporaryBright, iridescent, Lisa Frank plastic sculptures

phyllthis abc art berlin contemporary 2016Chemical clouds and frosted forest fires

phyllthis abc art berlin contemporary 2016 pieter schoolwerthOne of Pieter Schoolwerth’s  (from Captain Petzel in Berlin) two main paintings, “Fuck Me”, on display.  Besides the cheeky middle finger-cubism mosaic style, I stood there for at least 20 minutes marveling at how he managed to so cleanly silo his textured oils sections.


phyllthis abc art berlin contemporary 2016This drawing/sculpture really stuck with me… a striking visualization of how we all feel sometimes… and how I felt that morning.

On a personal level, it was refreshing to take time out to simply look at visually striking things, and appreciate beauty for beauty. I’ve been so caught up with the job hunt grind, dealing with existential ‘where do i live, what do i do, what makes me happy, who AM I really?!?!” questions, I really needed this, to reconnect with art.




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