Poor But Sexy – Berlin Vibes

Ah, Berlin…

Biergarten in Kreuzberg, Berlin phyllthis

“Berlin ist arm, aber sexy”
“Berlin is poor but sexy” as they say. (they = their mayor, Klaus Wowereit)

Victor Ash astronaut mural street art Berlin phyllthis

This quirky little city is full of character, streets vibrant with graffiti and art, clubs pulsing with live music all night long (literally, till noon the next morning).

sunrise in Berlin phyllthis

The city is diverse, (largest Turkish population outside of Turkey) the food is cheap, the beer is good.

East Side Music Days Berlin phyllthis

biergarten Berlin phyllthis

I spent a whirlwind 6 days here a couple months ago, staying in Kreuzberg, the bohemian, alternative part of the city. I went up to Klunkerkranich, a huge rooftop beer garden hidden on the top of a parking structure of a strip mall in Neukolln, twice. Danced and loitered around the wee hours of the nights. Wandered Kreuzberg shopping flea markets & learning about their street art. Stuffed myself silly with delicious, cheap Lebanese food.

Biergarten rooftop in Berlin Germany phyllthis

East Side Gallery in Berlin Germany phyllthis

I did graze tourist 101 a bit while I was there too – strolled by East Side Gallery, went to the Holocaust Memorial, ogled at the Tiergarten ceiling. I also went to visit my future school (!!!) and started poking around different neighborhoods trying to decide where I’d want to live.


Sony Building Tiergarten in Berlin phyllthis

YUP – I’m moving to Berlin in January!
I’m excited. I’m terrified (of being so COLD). I’m giddy. I’m a little hesitant.
But all in all, I am ready.

Kreuzberg Berlin graffiti

It’ll be an adventure! Let’s do this.


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