Link Line Up

Wow, how is it late July already… this summer’s been flying by & I haven’t even hopped around the country like I usually do.  Anyways, some links I’ve been sitting on:

I paint music. Completely fascinating!

phyllthis - I Paint Music Synethesia

The artist’s interpretation of Soulive’s Interlude II

More (& more) proof that Taipei is one of the best places!

This track’s been looping on repeat lately.

YES – I used to spend hours just coloring & drawing line/protractor designs. Proof that it’s a soothing, therapeutic activity.

Some tangible advice on how to kick your butt in gear.

Also! Since I’ve been in my new LA apartment, I’ve been elbow-deep in design blogs & have a million ideas floating around (hah, and probably only a handful actually in fruition)

IKEA malm dresser hack

This DIY transformation is my absolute favorite!

More idea: Overlays to elevate your furniture | A little wallpaper goes a long way | Obsessed with this Ikea transformation | DIY agate drawer pulls | call me trendy but I’m loving these macrame hangings | An awesome, extensive list of IKEA hacks


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