5 Steps to Having a Perfect Weekend in Medellin

I spent almost half my entire trip in Medellin – it was hands down my favorite city in Colombia, and definitely lived up to what everybody else had hyped it up to be. There’s a plethora of activities to do, an entire city to explore – on bike, on foot, or on their efficient Metro system, friendly locals to meet -and all in perfect sunny weather, this is after all “The City of Eternal Spring”

More to come on that later though… this post is just my attempt at framing words around the warm fuzzy’s I now have for Medellin. An effort to articulate the essence of the city.

El Poblado Medellin Colombia graffiti Rodez

street art by Colombia artist, Rodez, on the side of Eco-Bar, right next to Poblado Park

Musica Tremenda Medellin Colombia club

The bar inside Musica Tremenda

So, here they are: My 5 steps to having a perfect weekend in Medellin.

1. Talk to everybody.
This area of town is teaming with expats and travelers, and everyone is open and excited to meet new people. Talk to all these gringos 😉  Locals from this area, called “paisa’s”, are also the friendliest Colombians. If you’re chatting with a local ask them if they are a paisa & the biggest smile will come across their face – they take so much pride in their beautiful city.

Medellin El Poblado Colombia street art graffiti

People from all over the world ❤ Medellin

2. Enjoy fast & reliable wifi (almost) everywhere.
There’s a reason why so many expats and digital nomads settle here. Easy access to strong wifi is available at practically every restaurant, bar, hostel, you name it. Makes it easy to keep up with your life at home, plan your next jaunt, and communicate with other Medellin travelers.

La Octava bar El Poblado Medellin Colombia

3. Indulge on some amazing, albeit non-Colombia food.
Let’s be real, no one travels to Colombia for the amazing local cuisine – most of it is fried starchy foods & buttery pastries. But since El Poblado is so foreigner-friendly, tons of little cafes & delicious restaurants have sprung up in the area. Leave the immediate Parque Lleras area and head uphill a couple blocks to Carrera 37 for tasty spots such as La Bicyclete, Cafe Velvet and Bonhomia.

Bohomia El Poblado Medellin Colombia eats

FullSizeRender-2 copy

4. Loiter around the stump park in El Poblado.
Parque Lleras is super touristy & can get pretty obnoxious on a weekend night. Head 2 minutes up, over to Eco-Bar – grab a drink and hang out on one of the many tree stump stools here.

Poblado parque Medellin Eco-Bar

5. Be a yes-man.
(well, within reason – still use your good judgement…) But between the friendly city, the diverse people and the energetic night life, anything goes. That’s how you end up taking Bachata dance lessons. That’s how you run into old friends from past lives. That’s how you end up at an after hours warehouse party with local Colombians.

Medellin Colombia skyline

That’s why Medellin is magical.


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