What’s in my bag? Colombia

16 days around the country. I’ll be everywhere from the lush mountains of Salento, to the rainy, breezy big cities inland, to the humid Caribbean coast. I’ll be hiking and beaching, wandering and photographing, working and eating my way through Colombia.

So here’s what’s in my pack, an Osprey Farpoint 55L (mama kangaroo style).

Clothing: 2 pairs jeans, 2 shorts, 2 workout pants/capris, 1 long sleeve heat tech tee, a cami, 2 tanks, 2 nicer going out tops, 3 tee shirts, 1 zip up jacket, 1 light rain jacket, 1 sweatshirt, PJs, 2 sport bras, 2 bikinis, 1 coverup dress. Gym shoes, cheap (but comfy!) ankle boots, flip flops. Sunhat, baseball cap. Scarf, undies, socks, the glamorous stuff.

phyllthis backpacking colombia osprey farpoint 55L

Electronics: my Macbook Air (I’ll still be working), Canon Powershot D20 (waterproof, shockproof, and smaller than my DSLR), iPhone, chargers, selfie stick (sorry, not really), Bose noise canceling headphones, Olloclip lens

Misc: Sunglasses, snacks (I become one of those hangryyy people when my blood sugar drops), Emergen-C packets, some meds, crossbody, notebook (for work purposes, for journaling), locks, toiletries, some jewelry.

phyllthis backpacking colombia osprey farpoint 55L

What I’m most excited about:

Eagle Creek packing cubes – you can fit so much! and it’s all neat & organized! The internet was right, guys!! Unfortunately this probably caused me to overpack a tad.

Coconut oil packets – I live on this stuff at home but it only ever comes in huge tubs. I stumbled upon individual sized packets at Sprouts last week and immediately stocked up. Hair masks, leave-in conditioners & moisturizers… all covered!

My spa silk pillowcase – Admittedly I initially bought this as part of a universal effort to be gentler my bleached hair. But it’ll be great to have as a semblance of luxury amidst all the hostel beds I’ll be bunking in, and it barely takes up any space in my pack.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Any epic packing mistakes??? (too late though, I’m already in transit… eek!)


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