Rise & Rave: Daybreaker LA

I am not an early riser, so when I’m voluntarily up & out before dawn, it must be because the club’s going up. We shimmied and shook our way into Wednesday morning with Daybreaker at V Lounge in Santa Monica.

phyllthis Daybreaker dance party LA
Here’s basically what went down:

12:30am the night before – yay friends, yay sleepover, yaaaay trashy TV. It’s like we’re in college again guys!

around 3am – M sleep punches me in the face …this is NOT college anymore. Definitely can’t fit 3 girls in a bed and still get a quality 5 hours of sleep.

5:45am – alarm goes off, nooooo

5:55am – this is stupid, why are we getting up right now? honestly, what could be better than sleeping?

6am – lol guys, other real adults get up this early every. day. to work out or feed kids and stuff. lolololol

6:30am – circling, still circling for parking…. stupid LA, stupid people who get up at 6am to work out.

6:45am – We’re inside, the lighting is dim, the base is bumping and people are dressed in everything from chicken costumes to sequins, neon gym gear to their regular Wednesday business casual. As if on autopilot we wander over to the bar where instead of regretfully buying an overpriced watered drown drink, we find it stocked with kombucha, iced coffee, antioxidant drinks & Kind bars, all gratis. Breakfast.

open Kombucha bar, from Synergy. Photo from Daybreaker Facebook Page

open Kombucha bar, from Synergy. Photo from Daybreaker Facebook Page

We find our other friend on the main floor, say good morning & commence to awkwardly side-shuffle dance while people watching all the beautiful morning creatures of LA. Mostly people watching.

7:15am – A 3 piece brass band, the Downtown Horns, comes on stage & jams along. Their live jazz blending into the synthy DJ music is energetic, funky & perfect when your brain is not yet awake enough to take that untz untz untz.

phyllthis daybreaker LA

7:45am – Dance dance. Girl in booty shorts comes out with her light up hula hoop, because duh. FOX TV comes and films the crowd. Hiii Mom, we’re on morning news.

8am – Gigantic light up jellyfish bob out into the crowd on their wooden stilts. I think the intent was to have them seamlessly hover above the crowd.. their wavy long tentacles & light up bodies pulsing with the beat. Mostly though, girls just made boys take pictures of them with it. (wait, what’s new?)

phyllthis Daybreaker dance party LA jellyfish

8:15am – DJ stops & people sit around the stage, summer camp style. Samuel J comes out & plays a couple beautiful songs on his guitar… campfire songs, like if you were away in a free spirited yoga retreat in the woods, so it was kind of perfect. A round of thank you’s and Daybreaker closes the night morning out.

8:30am – ahh sunlight! Too. Damn. Bright. This is some weird morning after-but-not-really type of rude awakening.

parting words & a snack to-go

parting proverbs & a snack to-go

Overall though, I had a great time. I love their concept, their “Morning Movement”, of rising with the sun, energizing your morning through dance, some caffeine, and just the right touch of weirdness. All before you head into work & on with your usual day.

Catch the next one in LA… or back in NYC where Daybreaker originated.


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