Link Line Up

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Kindergarteners are not trendy enough to like gray hair (that time my tutee called me ugly :()
  • I’ve been missing out on everything south of LA for the past like, 10 years! (spent a wonderful birthday weekend with my NY friend in Laguna Beach & San Diego)
  • Wearing glasses for 10 days straight starts to hurt (guys, I’m getting LASIK tomorrow!! so stoked/nervous/anxious/excited. anyways, you can’t wear your contacts leading up to the surgery) Wish me luck!

Anyways, I’ve been gearing for my LASIK recovery by getting all my sweaty spin classes out of the way, finding new podcasts to cozy up to this weekend. (any suggestions?), and diving through the depths of the internet and binge site hopping.


The sea is so fascinating! These photos are stunning!

Remember when I went to the LA Art Show and discovered Nick Veasey’s amazing x-ray works? This TED video delves more into his techniques & inspiration.

Did you know Americans can get a free/almost free education in these countries abroad? In English too! Germany, I’m eyeing you over here..

I think one of the most underrated places in CA is the desert. It’s definitely becoming trendier now – pretty cool to see Thrillist do this roundup of Palm Springs.

Ever heard of Samsara? It’s a beautiful documentary shot all across the globe. It’s a 100 minute, silent visual feast delving into cultures, religions & societies of Indonesia and Kenya, France and India. Aaaaaand it’s on Netflix. Go!

Scene from Samsara

Aw, this has me missing my old hood in NYC

Been curious to watch Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat ABC show, but now mostly just curious to read his book. (doesn’t it always work that way??)

A different look at fashion blogging & reality TV.

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