Scope Miami Picture Diary

If Art Basel were cool, cultured and monied (which it is), Scope would be its hip younger sibling, its Brooklyn counterpart. Taking place right on the sand in South Beach, Scope features much more contemporary pieces & at much lower prices. (but still like, several thousand a pop… come on guys this is ART we fancy..)



True to its younger, cooler, hipper style – Scope had a pretty neat app that served as a visual inventory of all the works showing, embellished with special photo effects. A svelte outdoor bar/lounge area hung off the left side & overlooked that crystal Meeeami water.


The dopest part was the Heineken pyramid out back (team Heineken, your event marketing in on point). The pyramid was built out of wood planks, huge canvases & beer (duh).


Nine famous street artists each claimed their canvas & worked on their pieces throughout the week. (including my LA girl crush, Hueman). It had rained pretty heavy one day before the weekend… but if that had affected their art you couldn’t tell. We went on the last day of Scope so most pieces were pretty complete already.

Some personal faves… the Joseph Gross Gallery from NYC – especially Peter Gronquist’s works – these beautiful, trippy, maze sculptures.



A commercial “pop-up store” that sold luxury brand-name pieces – critiquing our dependence on material goods & keeping up with the Jones… and selfies.


Hauntingly beautiful photography & sculptures from the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park.


Hand etched aluminum detailsIMG_7638

FullSizeRender copy 2

FullSizeRender copy



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