The Best Piece @ Art Basel Miami

Michael Delucia’s high pressure laminate etchings.


Out of 300+ galleries and thousands of works of art, Delucia’s floor to ceiling pieces made the most memorable impression on me. His works were shown as part of Anthony Meier Fine Arts of San Francisco. These surfaces look like rich marble, quarts & granites, but are laminated on top of plywood. (I think this technique is actually pretty common in interior design).


From afar the etched plywood gleams like gold through the marbleized laminate – it’s only up close that you see the contrast of the grainy wood against the polished surface. It’s mesmerizing… and completely destroys your conception of a solid and weighty, regal piece of quartz. I wish I could’ve seen this piece up close too – look at those beautiful, bold textures.

Some other favorites from the Miami Convention Center:

IMG_0015 IMG_0060







5 thoughts on “The Best Piece @ Art Basel Miami

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  2. I also attended Basel this year, and the work shown amidst the tress of galleries of the Convention Center was considerably interesting. I found myself more enamored with the work of the “Untitled Art Fair” + “Scope” but the center had many of the classics including the Warhol // Basquiat collaborations, which I have never seen in person until Basel. I love the photos though, great write-up! Bloggers unite for Basel next year 🙂 // @thebedstuydandy

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