Link Line Up

Happy Turkey Weekend! I hope everyone’s stuffed with sweet potatoes, pie and plenty of family time!


This year is the first time all five of us have been home & together for Thanksgiving so it’s definitely been a treat. We all ran a 5K Turkey Trot Thursday morning, joint cooked a lunchtime feast, played plenty of Heads Up & then went to (unfortunately) watch my sister’s Bruins get brutally beat at the UCLA v. Stanford game yesterday.

photo 3

Anyways, some links for your tryptophan-induced lounging…

Pretty cool to see Thanksgiving specialities by state illustrated here. Some of these sound deeeelicious!

This article made me nostalgic for my summer in Taipei after college. The bookworm in me loves that overnight bookstores can be trendy & cool!

Sheela wrote a great piece about staying creatively fit.

Inspired by Mighty Girl (& tons others!) I started my own Life List here. Trying to keep it curated & actionable… things that I know I will/am actually putting energy towards achieving.

…and first up! A Bolivia trip! The entire country seems so surreal. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty affordable backpacker country too. This outlines is a great 3 week itinerary through Bolivia.

Beyonce, can I be your bestie?

A moving series of photos illustrating LA’s homeless population.

This story illustrates the strength of social media in real world issues, but is so bone-chilling.

To end on a lighter note though, here’s a good Instagram laugh, xx

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