Blonde Asian 101

One season back during my BJ days, FW2011, Betsey premiered “Pink Patch” – her diffusion line filled with her iconic prints & bright punchy colors. She had us, her showroom employees walk in the line & debut it at NYFW… with one little catch – we all were to dress up like her! Yep. bold red lips, dark eye make up & bright blonde wigs.

The walk was a little embarrassing… (see for references hah!) but being blonde that night was so much FUN! Honestly, it was just the freshness of a new look – a clean slate, a new personality. And it planted the a blonde seed in my head.

Photo on 11-18-14 at 2.13 PM

Then Daul Kim went platinum, Soo Joo Park, and countless asian fashion bloggers in between. I was staring at photos for hours and couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I finally did a bunch of research, had a couple consults, and decided to just do it! Because… well, if not now then when?  (Plus… #yololife)

So, how’d they do it?

My first visit (after an initial consult) was a double process bleach. My stylist, Katy Lee, meticulously coated each strand of hair in bleach. We went through 16oz total that night! You need to begin with the hair at the ends since heat from your scalp will lighten the roots quicker. Before she was even halfway through, the black had already started to lift to a greenish/brassy brown. Some 20-30 minutes under the heater, then a rinse & repeat (straight from the top). Then it was a ton of toner to get that Street Fighter orange pigment out of my hair.

She drew the line at two bleaches in one night. Any more would’ve been too damaging so I had to be content with walking out with slightly yellowy (but still healthy!) hair.

After round 1... Still yellowy at the bottom. Black box dye devils still haunt me 5 years later...

After round 1… Still yellowy at the bottom. Black box dye devils still haunt me 5 years later…

I went back a week later and Katy Lee bleached the bottom half of my hair & toned everything over again.

What made it all (slightly) easier?

  • Virgin hair (well, mostly… I had some residual color from an old old dye at my tips). This makes it much easier to lift dark colors from your hair, and obviously your hair is starting off healthier too.
  • Thick & healthy hair -the stronger and thicker your hair, the less the breakage and damage you’ll see, logically.
  • Olaplex. From my understanding this is relatively new… ask your stylist to add this into the bleach to protect your hair strands
  • Day old hair. Mine was 3 day old (overachiever) that I had generously coconut-oil’ed in preparation for the scalp burning.
A series of selfies = (Step 1) Ouch. Tingle. Burn. (Step 2) I become a Pokemon. (Step 3). Soaking up the toner.

A series of selfies = (Step 1) Ouch. Tingle. Burn. (Step 2) I become a Pokemon. (Step 3). Soaking up the toner.

Anything I would’ve done differently?
  • Thought about it less!
  • Waited longer between my two bleaches. I was pretty proud of my little strands for doing so well after the first session and still feeling like, well, hair. A week later I walked out of that salon with mushy limp (but bleach blonde!) strands. The ends are also pretty fried now, so it would’ve made more sense to wait on that first trim until after both salon sessions.

Now what?
Endless Khalessi references and partying to find out if blondes really do have more fun. Obviously.   (Not really)

My blonde hair maintenance bounty... so far. Hoping I find the magic treatment! Most people swear by coconut oil masks.

My blonde hair maintenance bounty… so far. Hoping I find the magic treatment! People swear by coconut oil masks.

Plus lots of upkeep, lots of product, lots of monies (boo), lots of selfies (sorry, I can’t help it!). Needless to say, I’ve never devoted this much brain power to my hair.. probably ever.

This will be a journey… wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Blonde Asian 101

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  2. Your hair turned out amazing. I just have a question. What do you mean by coconut oild in preparation? I have another appointment coming up and I do coconut treatments regularly but I was planning to wash it out before going to the salon. Is that correct or no, do I leave it in?

    • I didn’t wash mine out prior to going to the salon…but it might be particular to the stylist. maybe call & see what yours would prefer? good luck! xx

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