Working in your PJs

Best. Thing. Ever. Right??

No commuting. No makeup. No small talk. You can take a shower in the middle of the day if you have 20 minutes free. You can go bra-less all day. You can house an entire can of Pringles while you work & no one will be there to judge you.
Until you start becoming overly friendly with the ladies next to you in gym class, or know too much about your Starbucks barista.

I’ve been working remotely from the West Coast for the past month, and I love it.

I love waking up, dragging my laptop onto my tummy & working from my bed at 6am. I love that, if I wanted to, I could go work outside & try to tan while I answer emails. (*try to*) I love that technically, my job is done at 3:30pm local time & the rest of my afternoon is freed up to run errands, work out, nap (um, p.s. napping is the best – why don’t we all do this every day? i love being on a baby’s schedule)

my twin sized office - at least until 8am when I start feeling more awake

my twin sized office – at least until 8am when I start feeling more awake

(and I’m not complaining here – no way! – complaining in this situation would be way too princess-status. so that’s not happening… at least not out loud to the world wide web)

I need a routine. I’m no good in the mornings (still trying to slowly convert myself – any tips?). I’ve never been a naturally disciplined person – so now I have monitor each day with strict to-do lists or else I never get anything accomplished. My work & studying & personal life have 100% bled into each other and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I even MISS small talk! No more Chipotle lunches means the only person I can get chatty with is Katy from the bank when I had forgotten my login. (hi Katy, thanks again)

I’ve been keeping busy though, maybe a bit too busy… and have a few projects up my sleeves. Stay tuned 😉


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