Link Line Up

Wow, Fall already… though it certainly doesn’t feel like it in Southern California.

So what’s new? Everything…

I’ve moved back under my parents’ loving roof, back into my childhood twin bed, staring at tween obsessed posters of RENT & a closet full of ill-fitting high school fashions, while I get my bearings & figure out the next phase of my life ::insert dramatic music::

I’m still working at my job, just remotely these days. I am so so thankful that my company is small & flexible (and caring!) enough to let me do this, but 10 days in & I can already tell you it is not my favorite. I’m realizing working in your pajamas in bed all day is NOT the sanest way to function, and the whole rising early to keep with East Coast hours is certainly cramping my night owl style.

summer forever in SoCal... foamy waters at Zuma Beach, Malibu

summer forever in SoCal… foamy waters at Zuma Beach, Malibu

But I will admit, as grumpy as I am about leaving NYC (more on that later) it IS nice to be home, close to friends & family while operation Fix-Phyllis’s-Face continues, in constant sunshine & saving some dough (while the rest of it gets siphoned off to these bills).

But anywayssssssss… enough with that fun talk. Links!

I read this on the bus with mixed feelings & teary eyes, just a couple days after I finally resigned myself to leaving NYC.

How have I never seen this video??! This Hungarian dance troupe is incredible.

These are both great philosophies for making those critical decisions that shape this whole life thing.

Also, anything Mark Manson is well written, insightful food for thought.

The self is highly adaptable to its external environment, and ironically, the more you change your external environment, the more you lose track of who you actually are, because there’s nothing solid to compare yourself against.

NYTimes did a great 36 Hours piece at my beloved alma mater. Clearly we’re on the same page.

This article perfectly captures squeezing travel out of every ounce of free time or what Ev calls fitting “mini-retirements” into normal life. Major props.

photo copy

Lastly, also super important: I binge watched all of Game of Thrones in the past few weeks. !!!!! Kind of irked that I DID end up as obsessed with it as people keep saying (psh… #ImDifferent) but whatever – it’s riveting & merciless & a visual feast to watch! If you’re not already sucked in to the series – Go. Watch. Now.  Winter is coming (literally) and it’s time for you to find a new show to hibernated to.

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