Art Binging in the City

With my face-brace (that’s what I’m calling it these days) on for the past month, I’ve been sort of out of commission for all fun things.  Drinking & partying really isn’t feasible, going out to eat with people would just be a cruel joke, and exercising would be way too much on my body right now. Previously, those 3 probably took up 90% of my free time & since I’m not the type to sit around & rot in front of the TV (I didn’t even have cable until college!), I’ve been on the hunt for other activities.

I kicked off an NYC Tour de Art lately – capitalizing on the city’s plethora of museums, galleries & exhibits.  Here are some of my recent favorites.

photo 3-3

Tara Donovan at the Pace Gallery: These installations were constructed from thousands of index cards & acrylic rods, respectively. Her sculptures take on an entirely different quality when you view them up close vs. as a whole.  It’s almost like she is replicating nature, and the way things grow, as she builds these gigantic installations.  Her exhibit at the Pace Gallery in Chelsea is closed now, but her work is still on view at the Pace in Menlo Park, CAphoto 2-3

Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum of American Art: Oh man, where to start with Koons?  This guy’s retrospective exhibit almost takes up the entire Whitney. Entire floors are dedicated to his early ready-mades, explore his artistic & personal relationship with Cicciolina and stardom, and of course, his gigantic stainless steels balloon animals.  It’s a colorful & bold exhibit, which – in my opinion, shouldn’t be viewed too critically now, even though his art may have had significance in its earlier time.  His work is currently dotted all around the city too – from the Balloon Dog in Astor Place to the Rocking Horse at Rockefeller Center, and even his recent H&M collaboration.

photo 4

Amber Arbucci – The Girl at Jellyfish Lake: This model/photographer went to Palau, where the jellyfish in the lakes there have evolved so that their stings are not harmful to humans. She photographed herself underwater & naked, swimming amongst these jellies without the help of any crew or cameraman. The results are absolutely mesmerizing. The pop-up gallery on 13th & 4th Ave is no longer there, but there is still a huge mural on 10th & 4th.

photo 1-3photo-2

Xu Bing’s Phoenixes at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine: Bing created these 2 humongous dragons out of old, repurposed utilities and recycled scrap metal, as a reflection of Beijing’s rapid industrialization.  They weigh over 12 tons and are almost 200 feet long together, and are hanging in the Nave of the cathedral this year (which in & of itself is so gorgeous & historic).

photo 5

Any others I should add to this list? What inspiration-shaking art have you seen recently?


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