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I’ve spent the past week and a half with my mouth wired shut, healing after surgery from 3 jawbone fractures.  I’ll probably write a fuller post on the entire accident -what happened (or didn’t), and surrounding experiences with the hospital, finances, dental work… later on, with more distance.  It’s largely still in flux & up in the air too, so we’ll see.

Needless to say, it’s be a rough several days for me, my family, Ev, work, etc. but definitely with a few silver linings.  Since my current situation doesn’t lend itself to many outings… my summer has definitely quoted down & I’m becoming reacquainted with the depths of the internet.

So… links!

We’ve been having our fair share of NYC thunderstorms this summer. My roommate captured this ridiculous shot from our apartment a few weeks ago.


Delicious & healthy meals for $4!! The entire cookbook. Useful for me in 5 weeks – for everyone else right now!

I’m definitely a sucker for these types of posts, but I love them nonetheless – carpe diem!

You can’t artificially generate curiosity, so you have to follow where yours actually leads. Curiosity ends up being the driving force behind the most interesting people.

Another good one: Hunter S. Thompson’s letter to his friend on finding your purpose.

The great Alex Shulgin, the pioneer psychedelic chemist, just recently passed away.
I hadn’t really known much about him before, despot having lived in his backyard (Berkeley) for 4 years.  His findings and summaries, and outlook on psychedelics & discovery are prett
y fascinating…. and summed up well in this Vice interview with him.

And speaking of great men who’ve recently passed… Louis Zamperini, the Olympian and WWII Pacific POW survivor, just passed last month (at 97!).  I heard the news just as I was finishing Laura Hillenbrand’s AMAZING book on him – Unbroken.  Everyone MUST read this – it’s such an thoroughly written, captivating story… and the movie coming out soon actually seems like it’ll do the story justice! I can’t wait to see it.

So interesting! A photo comparison of students on their first semester at an NYC school.

Similar, side by side photo comparisons on beauty.

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