Arthur is a Party Pooper: Celebrating the 5th of July

The 4th of July conveniently fell on a Friday this year, making for grand long weekend plans logistically much easier.  Inconveniently however, the entire East side of the States ended up getting hit by Hurricane Arthur -the quickest & most surefire way to dampen a summer party.  Luckily, us in the Northeast weren’t hit that badly… mostly just a few nights of thunderstorms and pouring rain.


So instead of trying to force the celebrations we decided, the 4th is just a day, and America will still be around 🙂  A lot of major cities decided to do the same thing – postponing or moving up firework shows.

I was down in Margate City, on the Jersey Shore – just a couple miles south of Atlantic City and about 2 hours away from NYC.  It was perfectly lazy and relaxed couple of days, just what I needed.  We watched fireworks from the front lines on Saturday night (July 5th), played tons of Cards Against Humanity, ate ice cream too many times, and tore through this AMAZING book.


There aren’t a ton of things to do in Margate.  It’s not a party city on the Shore, like Sea Isle or Ocean City… which makes it perfect in many different aspects.  I’ve been a handful of times now over the past few summer, and here are some of the highlights:


  • The Beach!! of course! It’s a pretty crowded beach, in my limited East Coast beach experience.  It took me quite awhile to get used to little differences in East Coast vs. California beaches -paying for beach tags, life guards actually actively on site, more beach chairs than towels, and games like corn hole instead of beach volleyball.  And there’s still always those one or two people grossly wrinkly and burnt to a crisp -that inspire you to go back and reapply your SPF. 😉
  • Greenhouse:  Really the only bar in the area, huge two story establishment, indoors & outdoors, and right on the beach.  You can buy cocktails and carry them out onto the sand.  Lots of people get this little rum bucket (boozy AND beach-themed, perfect right? haha)
  • Dairy Bar: Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and slushie mecca.  Kind of pricey but pretty solid sweets.  The lines in the evenings are always super long, and accompanied with a live jazz band and a kind owner who hands out samples while you wait.  Other east coast differences to note: “jimmies” are just chocolate sprinkles, and “philadelphia water ice” is basically a snow cone with finer ice and a million more flavors.


  • John’s Steaks: messy & fatty cheese steaks and fries 🙂
  • Shuckers: oysters, lobsters, fresh seafood (freshest in the area at least!)

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


  • Lucy the Elephant: this elephant shaped building was built in the 1800s, and is 6 stories high.  It used to serve as restaurants, tavern, etc. but has gone through many many rounds of repairs and now is just a tourist attraction.  You can climb up the legs to the top for $8 and catch a great view of Atlantic City & the ocean.

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