Proud & (coco)Nutty: Marching in the Pride Parade

One week every summer, NYC (and other major cities in the U.S.) all don their fabulous outfits, splatter on the glitter & sequins and paint the town in Rainbow Pride.


Organizations, artists, companies & LGBT supporters march two miles from Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan to the West Village during the culminating Gay Pride Parade on Sunday.


This year I joined the parade doing ‘marketing’ for my friend’s company, Zico Coconut Water.  It was a hot, fun-filled 4 hours of cheering, dancing and hydrating the 1+ million crowd with coconut water.  We marched towards the front of the parade, behind the Heritage of Pride & Grand Marshall floats (though somehow I missed Laverne Cox?)


Pride is typically such a ‘girls & gays’ activity but I loved participating in it with my ex-football player, bro boyfriend.  I joked with Ev that he just came along to learn new dance moves from the queens 😉


I had attended the parade several times before in past years -but seriously, nothing beats being in it! You avoid the crowded side streets and traffic logs, and get to just dance down 5th Ave, feeding off the crowd’s energy.  And they were seriously the best – there wouldn’t have even been a parade if it weren’t for the crowds pumping us all up.  (I’m sure the twerking and one-handed cartwheels didn’t hurt either!)


So happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this event, from a different perspective too.  New York can feel like a huge isolating city sometimes -oftentimes actually, but on days like this, the entire city bonds together and the electricity is palpable.  It’s such a blessing to be able to call this beautiful, diverse, accepting and proud city home. ❤


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