Link Line Up

I can’t believe it’s about to be June tomorrow! We’ve been completely swamped at work over the past month becauseeeee ::drumroll:: our company was featured on the cover of this month’s Inc Magazine!!!  (you can read the article here!) We’re all super proud, and it’s SO awesome to be a part of this tiny company.  Of course, we knew this cover was on deck so have been working like crazy to flush out releases in time for it 😉


Anyways, some links & odd-ends that I’ve been sitting on:

These crafty illustrations are very thought provoking… even if you may not necessarily agree with their points.

Another set of eye-opening photos with a brand new perspective on fascinating world sites.

Most girls can attest.. this is so true.

I LOVE this – especially after spending a summer in Taipei. There is certainly a different flair & style to Eastern & Oriental people wearing western-style clothing. 

Chinatown fashion combines urban utilitarianism with smart, unexpected combinations of prints and a use of color that just made me feel uplifted whenever I saw it. They’re fashionistas – worthy of any street-style blog.

It’s summer in NYC! Which means nearly every park & riverfront will be showing free movies – this calendar is essential for navigating it.

I know a solid number of young investment bankers from my University and just around in New York, so I found this memoir of being a banker post-2008 juicy & interesting.


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