Heaven In A Desert Oasis: Coachella 2014

Every year there’s a weekend in April of complete, blissful, energetic love & happiness.  It sounds so cheesy, and I’ve stopped trying to analyze it, but Coachella weekend each year really does feel like a bit of heaven in that desert oasis.


Garlic crab fries, beautiful art sculptures, color changing palm trees, and that damn photogenic ferris wheel.


And the music, of course the music.

Highlights this year included jumping around like a crazy person to Capital Cities, funky dancing with best friends during Chromeo, complete silliness at Empire of the Sun, and Ellie’s golden voice.  It’s so incredible when the energy is crazy high everywhere.  During Kid Cudi’s Saturday performance you could totally feel his excitement being up on stage after all his years attending.  Plus that hour of Flosstradamus…. I hate it when people overuse ratchet but there really is no other word to describe the crowd during that set, so much fun.


But mostly the people, old and new.

I reunited with my OG Coachella group for the 4th year, ran into friends from NY & SF & LA, high school & college, and Ev even came and surprised us all on Sunday.


So much love for all that music, funky fashion, and silliness in that little desert sanctuary.


See you next year, as always.


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