The Perfect Saturday in New York City

It can’t just happen any day… perfection is appreciated so much more when it’s received after a particularly long stretch of tough efforts.  The perfect Saturday is extra rosy from this perspective.

You wake up early enough to be productive, but not so early that it feels like a Friday.  No hangover because you were an adult and took it easy last night.  (When has anything perfect ever begun with a hangover? …well besides boozy brunch.)  Anyways, you’ve gotten enough rest & have the energy to go to a morning kickboxing class.

The weather is enjoyable, which after a long 6 month winter can simply mean, above 45 degrees, sun out, no wind.  The entire city is awake and out to play -you can feel it the energy palpitating.
After your productive workout, fueled by endorphins, you walk around and explore the city.  It’s once of those iconic NYC walks that makes you fall in love with the city all over again -you look past any ogling tourists and appreciate the street art, listen to the mashup of languages being spoken, admire the inherent fashion & style sense New Yorkers carry.
There’s a discrete little cafe you duck into in Chinatown, You feast on Chinese pastries, splurge on 8 dumplings for $2.50, and have the best $2 boba.  All eaten standing up on a stainless steal counter.  Exchanging glances and friendly conversations with the other solo eaters at the counter.

It’s a walking day.  That’s how you truly get into the nitty gritty of a place anyways – walking its sidewalks and weaving through streets.  There’s that Matthew Stone exhibit on Bowery that you’ve been meaning to check out.  Perhaps drop into Patricia Field and purchase a $6 turban -embrace the spontaneity, but not indulging so much that you’d feel guilty afterwards.  Try something new: there’s a free A Cappella Chorus show from your alma mater at this beautiful history church on the west side – so why not go check it out? (Seats hurt. And it sounds like Christmas for old people. But beautiful nonetheless).
Go home and make a simple, healthy dinner.  There’s something to be said about creating something with your own hands to nourish your own body -especially in Manhattan, aka takeout heaven. (looking at you, witty Seamless marketing subway slogans)
Meet up with old friends at Night of Joy and have some delicious (and affordable!) cocktails on the rooftop.  Maybe it’s the circle that you first had when you came to New York 4 years ago.  Catch up again, laugh at old jokes and decry fashion industry follies. Appreciate how much has changed since then, how you all have changed. (and how grateful you are to be out of that industry!)
Wake up and repeat?
Probably not…. New York only allocates a Perfect Saturday every several months.  But that’s what you get to cling on to… when times get shitty again and the temperature drops back down to 12 on your Monday morning commute.

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