Link Line Up

I’m visiting Boston this weekend – currently lazying around in a post Sam Adams Brewery tour/ Doyle’s Cafe bliss.  We smelled fresh hops, sampled lagers, and had the best tour guide at the brewery, Katie -sarcastic, cheeky with a hilarious “German” accent.

Anyways, some randoms from around the interweb this past week:

I didn’t really get into yoga until a couple years ago… and am addicted now! It really is beneficial to your mind & body in so many ways.

One of the best parts of traveling is seeing other cultural aspects and rituals that are so different from what you are familiar with.  It’s so interesting to hear other’s opinions of America’s oddities.

This woman wrote about her adventures road tripping across America solo, reflecting on her experiences and travel encounters, moving solo as a woman in America’s vast stretches of land.  I’ve traveled abroad solo, but driving across America would be an entirely different trip -without the security of friendly expats, open hostels and Lonely Planet.  I really admire her -and am not sure if I’d be brave enough do that on my own.  What do you think?

Here’s the September issue of Vogue (aka Fashion’s yearly bible) sans ads!

This is an interesting quiz on where in America you should live, according to your mood & temperament.  Looks like I should head over to Colorado!

Similarly, this is a fascinating study on average household incomes based on your Myers-Brigg personality type.  Not surprisingly, those who are extroverted, intuitive, thinking and judgemental (ENTJ) are more monetarily successful in our country.

I love this man’s explanation and realization on why marriage wasn’t for him (isn’t for you either!)

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