Link Line Up

I’ve been listening to the Above & Beyond Acoustic USA set… so wish I could’ve attended a show! This is the crazy hot air balloon ride that inspired their tour –

Great reminders of habits of happy people.

Hipster dress-up, just for fun.

I’m a little behind on this, but the Pixar Theory is pretty incredible and mind-baffling! (and a note that I need to catch up on Pixar movies! Must watch Brave and Monsters University)

This travel instagram project is so unique and magical… and this guy’s girlfriend is gorgeous!

More travel porn… check out the amazing marble caves in Patagonia, Chile! Looks like avatar-land.

My former coworker Mari, of Nomadic Habit, is traveling the world and capturing it all beautifully.  She wrote about her adventures in Mongolia and the Gobi Desert on Maptia, part of a series highlighting the journey – the process, the trek & the struggles as an essential part of travel.

When you fly somewhere, you risk missing out on all the fun of getting there, or as travel writer Mike Sowden puts it, “You feel like you have skipped straight to dessert without eating your greens… cheating yourself out of a sense of adventure.”

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