Link Line Up

Two month ago I cave hiked in the Venado Caves.  And then last week I learned all about Mayan Cenotes found in Mexico from National Geographic.  And just now stumbled across the world’s largest cave (in Vietnam) – incredible!

I loved how describes how Lauren describes how she didn’t “relax” on vacation but finally unplugged -not by lounging on a beach in Hawaii, but freezing on a snowmobile in Iceland.

I would never go another trip again that did not have some element of natural beauty and adventure. If you are going to give me a beautiful white sand beach, then you better also give me a waterfall to jump off of. If you are going to give me rolling green hills, then you better also give me an ATV to drive through them on.

Speaking of different travel mindsets, there is a new company called The Trip Tribe that will allow you to scan each other’s interests and match you up with likeminded travelers to tour with.  (and here is a bro-tastic summary of it, haha)

Joy from Oh Joy! just moved into her studio – I love how she decorated everything! Colorful, inspiring and clean.

I’m from SoCal and went to school in the Bay. Here’s 19 facts you may not know about my home state. California Love. Always ❤

The Weeknd’s new music – obsessed!  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see him in October at Radio City here in NY.

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